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grow together in faith.

Meditation programs to enrich faith, foster self-awareness, and deepen relationships with God and others. 

why meditation.

Each faith community is unique, with members in various places in their faith journeys. Meditation in the Christian tradition is a powerful gift that helps us draw nearer to God.


After observing the needs of faith communities - parishes, schools, and ministry groups alike - I’ve developed three programs to teach Christian meditation. Although Christian meditation is rooted in Catholic tradition, it is often not taught nor encouraged.  As emphasized from Vatican II, we must develop a “contemplative orientation in the spiritual life of Christians today.” These programs are designed for this purpose and each are based on the same framework, principles, and methods to attain this goal. 


strengthen community through communal prayer


deepen individual faith and commitment to daily prayer


experience spiritual and physical peace


learn the practice of centering prayer through Christian meditation

“Meditation is a way of silence and self-transcendence, a way of relationship and solitude, a way to read without words, to know without thought.”


- Fr. Laurence Freeman

As a religious educator and music minister of over 25 years, I would like to introduce you to my new prayer ministry – a series of workshops and retreats on the topic and practice of Christian meditation.

Through the years, my spiritual journey led me from Catholicism to Buddhism and Hinduism, and back again to my Catholic roots. During this time I discovered meditation practices which helped me develop a closer relationship with God through quiet prayer.

My experiential workshop and retreat series encourages “prayer of the heart” which unites our heart with the heart of Christ. Each workshop is a way to encounter the living Christ breathed into us through the Holy Spirit and allows participants the opportunity to grow in awareness of God’s love, to be transformed by this love, and, thereby, learn to live as a contemplative in everyday life.

I look forward to speaking with you about how I can help you share the gift of Christian meditation with your faith community.



“I know Ellie as a strong liturgist, singer, and musician, and as a faithful parishioner. The workshop would no doubt be a perfect parish offering for parishioners at Advent or any season.”


Retired Assistant Superintendent

Department of Catholic Schools,

Archdiocese of Los Angeles

“Ellie is capable of using music to help others reach into their hearts to find God’s dwelling place there. I am sure that you will not be disappointed.”



Bishop Alemany High School, Mission Hills, CA


“I know that Ellie’s Educational Background as well as her years of allowing God to be ever present in her daily life have well prepared her for the prayer experiences she has designed.”



Former Director of Religious Education

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Tujunga​

Explore the ways you can begin sharing the gift of Christian meditation  with your faith community.
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