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meditation programs

the 3 pillars


Hear stories that reveal that, through the struggles and difficulties of our lives and even during times of questioning our faith, the Holy Spirit is forever present giving us the grace to accept God's will and experience God's unconditional love.


Be guided into a more intimate experience of Christ through a series of meditation exercises using guided imagery, music, scripture, and quiet prayer. 


Take time to consider proposed journal reflections, record your experiences, questions, and inspirational words or insights. Have a guide to continuing the meditation practice even after the workshop concludes.

integrating music

Music is a beautiful way to create a prayerful setting for meditation and opens the heart to God’s loving presence.


Through the years, the Lord has inspired me to compose songs as an expression of my love for Him. I share these songs during meditations, retreats, and workshops, in the hope that my music can serve as a catalyst to help others experience the depth of God’s love through prayer and meditation.


Although I have defined logistics for each program that I offer, please keep in mind that I am dedicated to working with you to develop a Christian meditation program that is best suited for your community. I am happy to discuss with you how we can customize a program to fit your needs. My priority is simply to help you share the gift of Christian meditation with your community.


Questions for me? Please feel free to reach out at any time.

programs offered

Each faith community is unique, with members in various places in their faith journeys. Meditation in the Christian tradition is a powerful gift that helps us draw nearer to God while also strengthening the faith community.

After observing the needs of faith communities - parishes, schools, and ministry groups alike - I’ve developed three programs to teach Christian meditation. Each program is based on the same framework, principles, and methods.



retreat series

Anyone seeking to embrace a closer friendship with God within the context of the liturgical season and to learn how meditation can deepen their understanding, their prayer, and their relationship with God.




Faculty, staff, and ministry leaders looking to bond with their colleagues and, in deepening their own spiritual journeys, guide those they educate in forming theirs.



meditation group

Parishioners, college students, and other individuals who are interested in learning how to create the habit of Christian meditation in everyday life.

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